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Solar drive basic class set with screw connection

If you need more material for handicrafts and experimentation or a classic kit for school, then this set should be your first choice. Thanks to the larger purchase quantity, you save 10% and benefit from the high quality at the fairest prices.

The SM330 solar cell has an output of 0.5 V and supplies a generous 330 mA (max.). Of course, we only provide high-efficiency crystalline solar material, which is cast in a stable base plate. Therefore the shattering of the cells can be ruled out. In order to facilitate assembly, 2 screw terminals are already integrated on the SM330 solar module, making connection to the RF300 solar motor child's play. Simply fit the cable in the terminal, gently tighten – finished. With the proven RF300 solar motor, you can playfully set your model in motion. The solar motor and solar cell form an optimal combination providing the best functionality.

Contents of the set:
20 x SM330 solar cell with screw connection, Dimensions: 33 x 65 mm
20 x RF 300 solar motor with 15 cm connection cable, 25 mm diameter, 2 mm shaft diameter, 10 mm shaft length, height without shaft: 14 mm

Tip from the Solar Professor:
Required light conditions: It should be taken into account that each solar cell generates very little current in dark or poorly lit rooms or from light sources like neon tubes and energy-saving lamps and, as a result, the motor cannot turn because the supplied power is too low. However, as soon as the solar cell comes into contact with sunlight or halogen light, it generates sufficient current for continuous movement. A model can even be powered by a bright table lamp, however the table lamp must be positioned very near to the solar cell! Better yet, put it out in the sunlight or keep a halogen lamp available and you will get surprised looks and lasting knowledge.

Weight of the set: 0.565 kg

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