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Magnetic band, length 50 m

The magnetic band is optimally designed for the guidance of your wire-bound vehicles. The pick-ups for the steering can be bent slightly upward in order to suspend them approximately 1 mm over the driving band. However, the vehicles still follow the band as though they are on rails. Marks from the pick-ups on the roadway are now a thing of the past. Moreover, longer battery times result from the touch-less concept. Magnetic band can be used instead of wire; with the adapted magnetic force it can be used exactly like wire. Even in transverse travel the built-in Reed switch does not switch without permission.
Hall sensors as signal transmitters can simply be implanted in the band. They are activated problem-free by the steering magnets.

The magnetic band is very flexible and allows for the tightest radii. These radii are not limited by the magnetic band, rather the maximum steering throw of the vehicle.

Even road transitions can now take place problem-free thanks to the magnetic band integrated into the desired road course. A true novelty.

Dimensions of the band: 1 mm high, 3 mm wide,Length per unit: 1 m x 50 units.

Shipping time: 3-4 Days
Product no.: MB50
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