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ERMIKRO - one of the smallest speed controllers in the world!

Speed controller ERMIKRO, bidirectional, 800 mA continuous current.
Measuring only 8.45 x 5.5 mm, this speed controller can control motors with up to 800 mA in two directions (forward/reverse). This makes it ideal for use in small and very small models. The ERMIKRO has outputs that control reversing lights and brake lights. If the accelerator is suddenly released, the brake light illuminates briefly. If the motor reverses, the reversing lights illuminate. If the standby input is activated and connected with the minus, the controller switches to standby.

For safety reasons, the throttle stick must be in neutral at the time of standby activation to prevent sudden restart. This function is very well suited for securing a construction vehicle during transport on a low-loader against unintentional movement or rolling away. In the case of small functional models, special functions can also be selectively switched on and off. A digger, for example, can be switched between both the digger and driving functions. Our two-channel switch (2KM) or a suitably configured P output of a delta receiver (e.g. RX43, RX47, RX45) is suitable for control.

- Operating voltage in V: 2,7 - 5
- Motor current duration in mA: 800
- Motor current pulse in mA: 1200
- Dimensions: 8.45 x 5.5 mm
- Clock frequency: 300 Hz
- Output for brake light: 30 mA max
- Output for reversing light: 30 mA max


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