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We developed this practical charger for charging small LiPo batteries. Simply plug into a laptop, USB adaptor or even a power bank and charge single-cell LiPo batteries. The battery cannot be overcharged in the process.

The initial charging current is 100mA and automatically decreases towards the end of the charging cycle. This universal charger is suitable for our small 50 mAh batteries as well as for our large 350 mAh batteries. Only the charging time changes with the battery type.

- The red LED indicates the charging progress
- When the green LED also lights up the battery is fully charged

- Dimensions:  L 12.5 x W 31 x H 8 mm
- Input:4.4 – 6 V max. 100 mA
- Output: max.: 4.2 V max. 100 mA


Shipping time: 3-4 Days
Product no.: 72658
GTIN/EAN: 4037373726585
8,95 EUR
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